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7 Reasons Why Getting A Virtual Assistant For Cold Calling Is A Good Idea For Realtors

Updated: May 24, 2023

An online video meeting with the Virtual Assistant that does cold calling for you
Meeting with your Virtual Assistant

Hiring can be a tedious process. It just doesn’t end at hiring, sorting the paperwork, background checks, training, etc. Overall it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. While most of us are busy and ok with the conventional process of hiring, Some are smart enough to outsource and get rid of these hassles. There are reasons to not do it but we list out 7 reasons to pull the trigger if you are a real estate agent and looking for, let's say, cold calling help.

1. Cost Saving- A virtual assistant hire can reduce the cost of hiring a local employee by 50 to 70 percent. While India and the Phillippines are known globally for their technical excellence, it is always a good idea to outsource your technical requirements. Simultaneously, offloading all of your nontechnical requirements will be a huge cost-saving for your business. Outsourcing to your VA team or agency will always help you save money over local hiring.

2. Team Model Service-Local Hiring can never provide you with one cost for multiple skill sets that you might need in your project. Outsourcing with a Remote Staffing Company caters to your project as a whole and you do not pay for individual employees. For example, Your project might need a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and Content Writer. If you hire local employees, you will have to pay individual salaries to these 3 employees with 3 different skill sets but with Outsourcing, you pay one clubbed cost that caters to all the skill sets involved in the completion of the project.

3. Accountability- When you hire a local Employee, you are accountable for his performance. If he does well and emerges as productive, that is your profit but if he does not, you have to bear the loss for all the money and hard work you have invested in him apart from adhering to company policies and continuing to keep him and pay salary until he completes the notice period. You don’t take such a risk with Outsourcing, if your employee performs well, it is your profit but if he does not, then you do not carry the burden with you. You do not take accountability if he does not perform. In fact, you get a free replacement within 5 days without serving any notice period or paying any extra fee.

4. Work on your holidays- The majority of organizations across the words offer 3 weeks of paid annual vacation to their employees apart from additional holidays and perks. Outsourcing does not demand such holidays. There are fixed 8 national holidays and 1 paid leave a month is all it takes. While you might be on vacation during Christmas, your employee is working and taking care of the business. Don’t worry about being inconsiderate. That is the culture and the expectation. In India, employees do not take Christmas or New Year’s vacations as the culture doesn’t demand so.

5. Logistical hassles- While recruiting locally, you are not just hiring an employee, you are starting a process cycle of HR, Admin, IT, Payroll, finance, etc. You bear the infrastructural cost, HR, Admin, and other logistical expenses. With Outsourcing, you are not taking care of this process. The HR, admin, Infrastructure IT, and all other essential support that your employee needs are being taken care of by the Remote Staffing Company. It is like not planting a tree, not fertilizing it or watering it but you are the only one who has the right to claim all the fruit it bears.

6. More Experienced Staff at a better cost- Every skill set and its experience has its Market Value and based on that you hire. Sometimes you might need a higher experienced professional but budget constraints do not allow it hence you settle for less. This is what you do when you hire locally. Outsourcing gives you the convenience of hiring a more experienced resource at a price lower than what you have as the budget for the lower experienced resource you are ready to pay locally. The point is, why do you have to compromise on what your business needs when that is available for you? All you have to do is do some research and find the right Remote Marketing Company for your Business.

7. Your International Office- Outsourcing gives your business an International Platform. Your Value as a business subsequently increases when your clients know that you are International. Especially if you are a new business, every detail of your business is taken into consideration.


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